Love is Rhyming
Wedding in Mount Barker, Australia

The groom and his music band played after the ceremony, and the bride stole the microphone to sing a song for all the guests. This is Rhyming Love, the wedding of Anthony and Galina!
Galina + Anthony

Anthony is a musician and Galina a painter. You can imagine how much creativity they have together! When we arrived to Anthony’s home, still suffering the jetlag of having flight from London to Australia few hours before, his father welcomed us, and showed us the garden, where the groom was playing the acoustic guitar with all his friends. The preparations were this: sharing drinks, singing together… Chill.

In the house of Galina it took place a brunch in the garden, an amazing english garden designed and carefully grew up by his father, with unique plants and florals. While the girls were getting ready, we could know more about their family history, and enjoy few of the works of art painted by Galina. How much beauty in the portraits of the women of the family!

The outdoor religious ceremony was so special, leaded by a FRANCISCAN MONK that join us in the evening to have dinner with all the guests, including us. It was wonderful indeed to take part of this very intimate moment of their life, and share it with their most beloved people: we’ve met a lot of charming and friendly people that are still in our life, and I’m sure our paths will cross again soon or late.

Walks by the lake (…and survive the attack of the killer ants!), a music show leaded by the groom and his band, and the performing duo -bride and groom- singing a song together for their guests. So many details that made this wedding a very special celebration.


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