Mimi + Amau
Winter Wedding Tale

A fairy tale wedding where the bride went down the aisle with a long bridal cape, as she ever has imagined.
Mimi + Amau

Mimi always dreamed of going down the aisle dressed in white, with a long bridal cape, as a fairy tale princess. So the day of her wedding, she surprised all the guests, including the bridesmaids and the maid of honor, showing up with a breathetaking bridal cape. A very special first look with the closest friends and family!

They get religiously married in the church. When they went out, a stunning classic car was waiting to take them to the venue.

Such a lovely place! Surrounded by gardens and greeneries, woods and fields, even a lake in the middle of all these natural florals and shades of green.

The outdoor cocktail was quite funny, with few speeches, live music and lots of details for the guests. But the real party started when they went inside the dinning room: when the guests had a seat, it wasn’t for so long, because when they heard the music on, the party started. Dancing upon the chairs, upon the table, through all the dinning room. Toasts, congratulations and blessings for the newlywed.


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